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Join the State Officer Team!

A Message for Candidates:


"As the outgoing Arkansas Technology Student Association President, I hope each and every one of you expands and betters TSA to the best of your ability. I hope that through you, TSA reaches new chapters and new heights. Most importantly, I hope that TSA has a positive impact on you. My personal goal was to create an organization in which students all over Arkansas could discover and grow their love of all things technological. I hope this will continue to be a goal throughout your time as an officer, and that you, too, will discover your love for technology. "

-Syd Atha, 2021-2022 ARTSA President

2023-2024 Election Procedure Update:

For all positions other than President, candidates will not be campaigning for a specific office, just for a spot as a state officer. The six candidates with the highest number of votes will be the elected state officers, and their positions will be decided  through discussions about  individual strengths. These discussions will be moderated by the State Advisor and the 2022-2023 Officer Team.

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