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Osihiriz Salazar

Running for:

State Officer


Siloam Springs High School

Graduation Year:


Years in TSA:


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Candidate Speech

Letter to Our Members

Dear Students, teachers, and staff,


I am really happy to have this opportunity as a Junior. My name is Osihiriz and I am a student at Siloam Springs High School. I joined TSA my sophomore year because it seemed appealing to me, and I remember I would see quite a few posters around the school. I had the courage to attend a meeting and Join. I am an active member. I have competed and attended conferences. I remember looking up to my upper classmates since they were both TSA state officers even though at the time I did not know why that title was so important. They guided me and helped me. I watched them fundraise and struggle due to our club being smaller than other clubs at school. I was afraid to talk to anyone and do anything really. They ended up pushing me forward and inspired me to step up, help, and try new things. Soon after they graduated I watched someone else who was older than me take charge. He then did more in the club trying to inspire and help everyone in the club so that we could move forward like he did. He wanted us to all be friends and participate. Thanks to all of this I myself decided to take charge and hopefully be the next person who can inspire people younger than me. I want to be someone others can remember and look up to. I want to bring friendships and learning experiences like they did, but in my own way. I also want people at my chapter to continue in TSA and for us to recruit new people. I want to show my family and friends that it is possible to achieve your goals and do something you enjoy. Personally it is thanks to the people who supported me that I am able to keep moving forward like this and want to become like them in that sense. I want to influence others in a positive manner and help them find what they want to do. I think I am worthy of being a State officer because of all these experiences that have been taught to me and I would like to pass them down to my legacy.


Thank you to all,

Osihiriz S.


PS. thank you to Ms. Cox, Ms. Carter, Mr. Shoemaker, Aiden, Nya, Anna.

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