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The Challenge

Design the official Arkansas TSA enamel pin for use at the 2023 TSA National Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The design that is selected will be mass-produced and available for Arkansas chapters to purchase in order to trade them with TSA members from other states at the National Conference Pin Swap.


  • Pin design must be submitted as a digital JPG file, PNG file, or PDF and must be able to be printed on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

  • Design must be computer-generated (digital drawings are welcome and encouraged)

  • The minimum size for the pin is 3/4" x 3/4" and the maximum size is 2" x 2". The pin does not have to be a square or rectangular shape, but it must fit within the parameters.

  • Fewer letters and greater size is recommended for a more legible pin.

  • Design must have the official TSA logo letters on the pin.

  • Design must reflect Arkansas in some manner (e.g. shape and/or name of Arkansas).

  • Design must include "2023" or "'23" (the year of the national conference).

  • Submit design with a description/justification of your design choices for the final design. The document must be a PDF and may not exceed one page.

  • Design must be original work. All ideas, text, or images from sources other than the designer must be cited (copyrighted or not). Cited works should be in MLA format and appear on one page following the description/justification in the same PDF file.

Evaluation is based on the criteria that can be found here.

One winner will be selected and announced at the State Conference in March.

Deadline and Submission

  • January 13, 2023 by 11:59pm

  • Maximum of two entries PER CHAPTER (we encourage each chapter to hold a school-wide contest to select the entry chosen for submission).

  • Submit your entry to

  • Be sure to include your full name, adviser's name, and full school name

All entries become the property of AR TSA for promotional purposes.

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