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Dylin Patel

Running for:

State Officer


Lake Hamilton High School

Graduation Year:


Years in TSA:


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Candidate Speech

Letter to Our Members

To Whom It May Concern,


Have no fear, Patel is here! My name is Dylin Patel, and I'm excited about applying to be your next TSA officer. As a younger kid, I always had a passion for robotics, and joining TSA felt like the natural next step to take my passion to a whole new level. I've been part of TSA for two years now, and I plan to make our group even bigger than it has ever been.


One way I want to do this is by making our social media pages stand out. Everyone is connected through posts, likes, and comments. Pushing our club through various social media channels is the first step towards broadcasting what all we have to offer. This being said, I've already helped spread the word locally by getting involved in fun activities like the Lake Hamilton High School Lip Sync Battle and participating in community events. People typically see me as the funny guy who brings a smile to everyoneś face. This personality trait is more than just earning a few laughs; it has been a way to connect with others and show that TSA can be exciting and fun to be a part of.


Right now, I'm the vice president of our school's TSA chapter, and one of my big goals this year is to make TSA a major name at our school. Being VP has given me cool opportunities, especially when it comes to making connections. For the next team, my goal is to keep growing the organization and getting more people excited about TSA. Who knows, being part of TSA might just open up some awesome career opportunities through all the cool networking it offers. Thanks for considering me!

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