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Payton Lesso

Running for:

State Officer


Siloam Springs High School

Graduation Year:


Years in TSA:


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Candidate Speech

Letter to Our Members

Dear current and future TSA members,


My name is Payton Lesso, and I’m running for State Office this year, 2024. I am a Sophomore at Siloam Springs High School in Siloam Springs, AR. This is my second year in TSA, and I love it.


But first, some things about me. I have a twin sister, play trumpet for our school band, love to read, and want to be in the STEM field when I graduate, most likely in the Computer Programming sector.


Last year in TSA, I competed in Technology Bowl, and placed second at State. Then, went on to go to Nationals. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Semifinals, but it was a amazing experience to have, especially as a Freshman.


This year, I am competing in Technology Bowl again, and Flight Endurance, which has taught me a lot. Turns out, I knew very little about airplanes. So, the whole process was, and is, a learning curve. But luckily for me, I have only broken my plane once!


I am not only an active member of TSA, but also in the Siloam Springs Band program. As aforementioned, I play trumpet, and currently sit 5th chair in our Wind Ensemble. I made first band All-Region and qualified for All-State try-outs this year. These achievements show that I will work hard for something that I believe in, and will spend time on something, making sure it is right.


I’m running for State Office because I think I would be able to see problems in different ways than most. I am a good problem solver, and I have great time management. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but I don’t let that stop me from making mistakes. I tend to correct them as soon as I can.


If I become a State Officer, I want to see schools all over the state be able to pay to come to State, and Nationals without having to charge their members exorbitant fees. I want TSA membership to grow, even more than it already has. I want to see TSA recognized by others, without too much explanation. I want all these things for our wonderful club, and more.


I hope that my legacy of being a State Officer is that these things become true, or at least well on their way toward becoming true.


Do More, Be More,

Payton Lesso

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