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Xavier Herzig

Running for:

State Officer


Alma High School

Graduation Year:


Years in TSA:



Candidate Speech

Letter to Our Members

My name is Xavier Herzig. I am a Junior at Alma High School and I am running for 2024 Arkansas TSA State Office. I have been an active competitor in TSA for three years now and I can say for certain that my involvement in this organization has been one of my favorite experiences throughout high school. I have participated in various competitions during my time with TSA, granting me the opportunity to attend the last two national conferences. Now, I want to continue my legacy as a TSA member through running for state office. My primary goal is to expand on the rapid increase in membership Arkansas TSA has seen in the last few years, reaching larger and more prestigious schools in the state. Additionally, during my time as State Officer, I want to grow the TSA community to be closer, creating social opportunities for competitors to bond over similar interests, both inside and outside of TSA events. I hope to show new generations what it means to be a TSA member, while continuing to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible for our state organization

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